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I.O. Shen Niku Boning Knife 15cm
I.O. Shen Niku Boning Knife 15cm

I.O. Shen Niku Boning Knife 15cm

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Boning knives are a special type of kitchen knife that typically have several design features that help with boning meat, fish, and poultry. Boning knives have a narrow blade and the typical size of a boning knife is 12 cm to 17 cm in length on the blade. 

The primary use of this knife is to remove bones from cuts of meat. This knife is often used as a dagger with the blade facing away. The curve of the edge is designed to cut up to and around bones. This is designed for trimming around bones, NOT cutting through them.

The 6" Niku Thin Blade Boning Knife has an inverted handle for a comfy grip.  A fine blade with a small surface area allows free movement and less resistance. 

About the range: 

I.O.Shen knives are crafted from quality Japanese stainless steel using Triplex Technology. Each knife has been individually sharpened to a 15-degree angle to ensure accurate slicing every time. Sharp, balanced and stylish, the Mastergrade range offers you a professional suite of quality knives. All I.O. Shen knives come with a 25-year warranty covering manufacturing defaults or defects.