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Tromso Knife Sharpener

Tromso Knife Sharpener

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Slice Away The Frustration! 

Do you find yourself frantically sawing away at your meat and veggies? Then its about time you got your blades sharpened; and the Tromso knife sharpener by CS KOCHSYSTEME is the perfect tool for this!

It features a 2 runner sharpening system that allows you to quickly get your blades fine and rough honing

lAre you afraid of cutting yourself when honing your knife? Relax, you don't have to be! We have designed this knife sharpener to be as safe as can be. It comes with an ergonomic handle that gives you superior grip, and keeps your hand away from the blade thanks to its length. The base is also rubberised to provide maximum stability. 

You never have to worry about getting the right angle. Works On Most Knives and this knife sharpening system works on stainless steel blades and accommodates all sizes including paring, hunting, military, fishing, and folding knives.