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Tromso Whetstone 26.2 x 9.4 cm

Tromso Whetstone 26.2 x 9.4 cm

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The TROMSO whetstone by CS KOCHSYSTEME is perfect for maintaining the optimal sharpness of your knives.

The stone combines two different grits so that you can re-sharpen well-maintained knives as well as repair heavily used, dull knives.

A solid ABS plastic tray with slip resistant feet holds the whetstone securely in place and catches draining water.

After using, the whetstone can remain in the tray because thanks to its special design air can flow around the whetstone so that it dries quickly.

The perfect whetstone for sharpening your knives. Each side is a different grit to hone down to the perfect cutting edge.

How to use: Soak the sharpening stone for at least 10 minutes before use, then put it in the tray. Using light pressure move the blade in a smooth forward and backward motion over the stone to a degree of 15-20°. If needed, re-wet stone and clean blade.